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Prior to each lash appointment arrive with freshly cleansed & make-up free eyes.



Use only the recommended products on your eyelash extensions. 

Avoid direct contact wiih moisturizers, eye creams & oil based makeup remover.

Use the brush given to brush your lashes at the TIP to prevent lifting.

Do not use waterproof mascara.

Clean your lashes properly to remove all of the dirt & oils from your lashes & prolong lash health. Clean lashes are happy lashes!

Avoid direct contact with the shower head & steam on your lashes.

Do not use wash rags, towels, Q-tips or cotton swabs directly on the lashes - these will grab them causing them to lift and turn.

Avoid rubbing & pulling on your lashes.

Natural Lashes Shed 2-3 Lashes EVERY DAY, each & every person is different with their lash shedding pace. 

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